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What Angels look like

'What angels look like' AKA the orchid mantis - the ideal celestial being. Correlation of thread and ink splatter on a linen and leather. Mantids use their forelimbs to guide lost children back home.
The omnipresent gold thread binding down dreams and objects of sentiment, puncturing the two-dimensional plane into a new gratifying existence.

angel 22.jpg

Angel, 2022

Leather, embroidery, ink, loose dog hairs


Reparations, 2020

Found object tied with gold thread

#vukadin #vukadinfilipovic #filipovic #contemporary art #art

wall detail.jpg

What Angels Look Like, 2020

Ink and embroidery on linen

120cm x140cm

Velociraptor 1 and the back of it, 2020

Ink on watercolor paper

14x10 cm

Orchid Mother and its back, 2020

Ink on watercolor paper and gold thread

14 x 10 cm

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