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The Bootlegs 2022

Digital print on iridescent paper

210mm x 297mm

PornoPoetry archives 

PornoPoetry is a series of drawings confessional in nature; re acknowledging the body and what the body holds within.

The text intertwines memories, overriding recollections of the body’s haptic histories.

This body’s recount overlaps in 16 small format drawings, culminating in a large format drawing that escapes the narratory form of self remembrance.

The body ceases to be an archive and becomes a movement itself,

hence the title,

I dance to no Man’s choreography.

The series is followed by a sub-edition of nine unique digital prints.

The bootlegs are multiple layers of digitally printed copies of the above works

- an emotional flip fuck into eternity.

PornoPoetry Archives 2022

16/16 Alcoholic Ink on silk paper

210mm x 297mm

Left Arm. pit 2022

Alcoholic ink pen on silk paper

100 x 75cm


Installation view, Parallel Editions, Vienna 2022


I dance to no man's choreography 2022

Alcoholic ink pen on silk paper

100 x 75cm

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